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Winter in North Yellowstone, Montana

In January 2014 a group of friends gathered in the Yellowstone River Valley at Bar B Ranch for a week of winter fun. I have always wanted to head to Montana in the winter to photograph the snow landscapes, so different from the spring and summer scenes that I have photographed for most of my life. I wasn’t disappointed. Although the real snow hadn’t arrived and the temperatures were on the mild side, the land still had the magical glow of winter. And of course there are the Big Sky Moments, where you can see the weather approaching from what seems to be 50 miles away.

One memorable drive was through the Lamar Valley on the northern boundary of Yellowstone, known for it’s wolf populations. Although we never saw any wolf packs, we saw their tracks in the snow.

One day while snowshoeing I was bedazzled by the patterns of shadows in the snowbanks. A simple thing, yet very powerful. Studies in black and white given as a gift to a photographer.

I would love to plan another extended stay in this area for another photographic excursion. You have to be prepared for weather and wind, but the drama that can develop are worth the layers of clothes one must wear.

This trip was lucky in that there was enough land definition in the hillsides to provide some graphic relief from the normal all white landscape. One hint to winter photographers, bring weights for your tripods to steady them in the wind.

Here are a few shots, there are more in the Gallery section….