Gordes Church BaptismalBrittany Fall IvyCrestet, ProvenceJoan of Arc, DijonCopper Christ in BeaunneBurgundy StopoverMag's Wings, DijonCrestet Main StreetArles CloisterDetail of Arles CloisterMarsault VineyardBurgundy Pinot NoirBurgundy CrossNantes Mainstreet, ProvenceNormandy BeachNotre Dame CeilingNotre Dame HallwayMarsault MarketThe Seine River, ParisSunday in ParisMont St. Michel Corn FieldProvencal GrapesRousillion Painted DoorRousillion Water FountainLeo's Staircase, ChambordLeo's Staircase 2, ChambordLeo's Staircase 3, ChambordLeo's Staircase 4, ChambordProvencal VineyardAlsacien Window Dressing

Photos taken from many bicycle trips to France. I try to focus on the small scenes that have made lasting impressions on me as I travel the French Countryside very slowly, pedaling and stopping when the moment dictates.