Taos Church.jpgAnasazi RuinEpic Monument Valley Windstorm

I’ve taken several trips to the Southwest, and have been hypnotized every time by its unique splendor. The shot of the Anasazi ruin was taken after a several hour trek up dry arroyos, terrain that even for a Northwestern hiker was at times challenging. I wanted to have a vision of what it was like living there. The buildings are very small and if door size is any indication, the Anasazi were small people. I composed the image low to try and capture the intent of the builders,   people who had a spiritual building sense with their environment. The wind storm in Monument Valley was luck, being at the right place at the right time with the right equipment. I set up my 4×5 camera and had to secure it not only with my dad’s help, but with a 10 pound lead block. The wind was easily 40 knots; it took me weeks to get the sand out of my bellows. The negative had to be scanned to digitize out the thousands of sand blots.