Summer in the Broughtons

Summer in the Broughtons is really an oxymoron of sorts. Is there a summer in the Broughtons?? It is a cold, wet, foggy place that more often than not is shrouded in some form of water. It is a place that is still protected by Vancouver Island from the ocean, but gets the ocean winds and currents nonetheless.

It is a beautiful archipelago of islands and inlets. Not many people cruise the are because of it’s distance so far north, and because of it’s incessant fog. But the fog makes it mystical and beautiful. It can take your breath away.

Sailing with my husband on board our friend Margaret and Bob’s J-40 Tula, we enjoyed many a magical anchorage, generally alone except for the harbor seals and resident eagles. And bears if we were anchored in an mainland inlet. We call them BOBs….bears on the beach.














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